Kabbalah Centre New Zealand

There are five core principles:


Sharing: Sharing is the purpose of life and the only way to truly

receive fulfillment. When individuals share, they connect to the force

of energy that Kabbalah calls the Light—the Infinite Source of

Goodness, the Divine Force, the Creator. By sharing, one can

overcome ego—the force of negativity.


Awareness and Balance of the Ego: The ego is a voice inside that

directs people to be selfish, narrow-minded, limited, addicted, hurtful,

irresponsible, negative, angry, and hateful. The ego is a main source

of problems because it allows us to believe that others are separate

from us. It is the opposite of sharing and humility. The ego also has

a positive side, as it motivates one to take action. It is up to each

individual to choose whether they act for themselves or whether to

also act in the well-being of others. It is important to be aware of one’s

ego and to balance the positives and negatives.


Existence of Spiritual Laws: There are spiritual laws in the universe

that affect people’s lives. One of these is the Law of Cause and

Effect: What one puts out is what one get back, or what we sow is

what we reap.


We Are All One: Every human being has within him- or herself a

spark of the Creator that binds each and every person into one

totality. This understanding informs us of the spiritual precept that

every human being must be treated with dignity at all times, under

any circumstances. Individually, everyone is responsible for war and

poverty in all parts of the world and individuals can’t enjoy true and

lasting fulfillment as long as others are suffering.


Leaving Our Comfort Zone Can Create Miracles: Becoming

uncomfortable for the sake of helping others taps us into a spiritual

dimension that ultimately brings Light and positivity to our lives.