Kabbalah Centre New Zealand

Courses and Classes. On a daily basis, The Kabbalah Centre focuses on

a variety of ways to help students learn the core kabbalistic principles. For

example, The Centre develops courses, classes, online lectures, books, and

audio products. Online courses and lectures are critical for students located

around the world who want to study Kabbalah but don’t have access to a

Kabbalah Centre in their community.


Spiritual Services and Events. The Centre organizes and hosts a variety

of weekly and monthly events and spiritual services where students can

participate in lectures, meditation and share meals together. Some events

are held through live streaming online. The Centre organizes spiritual retreats

and tours to energy sites, which are places that have been closely touched

by great kabbalists. For example, tours take place at locations where

kabbalists may have studied or been buried, or where ancient texts like the

Zohar were authored. International events provide students from all over the

world with an opportunity to make connections to unique energy available at

certain times of the year. At these events, students meet with other students,

share experiences and build friendships.


Volunteering. In the spirit of Kabbalah’s principles that emphasize sharing,

The Centre provides a volunteer program so that students can participate in

charitable initiatives, which includes sharing the wisdom of Kabbalah itself

through a mentoring program. Every year, hundreds of student volunteers

organize projects that benefit their communities such as feeding the

homeless, cleaning beaches and visiting hospital patients.


One-on-One. The Kabbalah Centre seeks to ensure that each student is

supported in his or her study. Teachers and mentors are part of the

educational infrastructure that is available to students 24 hours a day, seven

days a week.

Hundreds of teachers are available worldwide for students as well as a study

program for their continued development. Study takes place in person, by

phone, in study groups, through webinars, and even self-directed study in

audio format or online.


Mentorship. The Centre’s mentor program provides new students with a

mentor to help them better understand the kabbalistic principles and

teachings. The mentors are experienced Kabbalah students who are

interested in supporting new students.


Publishing. Each year, The Centre translates and publishes some of the

most challenging kabbalistic texts for advanced scholars including the Zohar,

Writings of the Ari, and the Ten Luminous Emanations with Commentary.

Drawing from these sources The Kabbalah Centre publishes books yearly in

more than 30 languages that are tailored for both beginner- and intermediatelevel

students and distributed around the world.


Zohar Project. The Zohar, the primary text of kabbalistic wisdom, is a

commentary on biblical and spiritual matters composed and compiled over

2000 years ago and is believed to be a source of Light. Kabbalists believe

that when it is brought into areas of darkness and turmoil, the Zohar can

create change and bring about improvement. The Kabbalah Centre’s Zohar

Project shares the Zohar in 95 countries by distributing free copies to

organizations and individuals in recognition of their service to the community

and to areas where there is danger. In the past year, over 50,000 copies of

the Zohar were donated to hospitals, embassies, places of worship,

universities, not-for-profit organizations, emergency services, war zones,

natural disaster locations, soldiers, pilots, government officials, medical

professionals, humanitarian aid workers, and more.