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Kabbalistic Retreat in Girona with Karen Berg!


Kabbalistic Retreat in Girona, Spain with Karen Berg!

May 9-11, 2014

We are very excited to announce that we will be hosting a Kabbalistic Retreat for all our students in Europe in Girona, Spain!

The retreat will take place in in the beautiful city of Girona, which was the home to several influential 13th Century Kabbalists, including the RAMBAN. Some of the weekend highlights include:

  • "Connecting to Your Inner Strength" with Karen Berg
  • "Kabbalah & Christianity" with Billy Philips
  • "Kabbalistic Astrology" with Ruth Nachmias
  • Zohar Night Study
  • Signing the "Torah for Europe" party

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to celebrate, study and unite with your teachers and students from all over Europe!

Event Begins: May 9 at 14:00
Event Ends: May 11 at 13:00

Location: Hotel AC Palau de Bellavista

Price: 260€*

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* Registration price does not include flights, accommodation, or meals.