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We are very excited to announce the new Kabbalah Membership Program starting in 2015!
Take your study to the next level. If you have been looking for new ways to explore and deepen your Kabbalah study, KMP is the way to go.

Kabbalistic Retreat & Energy Trip in Poland with Karen Berg!
April 30 – May 3, 2015
We are very excited to announce that this year we will be hosting our annual European Kabbalistic Retreat & Energy Trip in the vibrant city...

The Discover Kabbalah series is the Kabbalah Centre's newest learning system designed to give you the most comprehensive Kabbalah study currently available anywhere online.

The month of Gemini ushers in the energy of unity, which has the ability to bring people together and dispel disaccord. With our consciousness and the assistance of this universal energy we have the power to instill peace not only in our lives...

The Zohar Class is a weekly journey to understand the energy and challenges that will confront us during the week. Recognizing this energy will help you identify these challenges as well as opportunities to consciously make positive changes in...

Ten Luminous Emanations (TLE) is the root and foundation of all the study of Kabbalah. The sages have taught that just by studying this wisdom, our soul is being purified and we are moving forward in our destiny.

Kabbalah Centre Europe is committed to making the wisdom of kabbalah accessible and affordable to as many people as possible.

Start your day together with students from all over the world as we scan the Zohar and do the Ana Bekoach meditation together. The Rav teaches that scanning the Zohar removes the darkness from this world.

The Kabbalistic Astrology Chart is like a huge compass that assists you to navigate your journey in life. Using your date of birth, Naomi Zohar will create your personal chart and help you gain clarity about your purpose in this life. Receive...

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